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出版社:マネージャー   リリースタイム:2022-01-08


Dear Sirs


First of all, I deeply thank you for your support and love this year!


The Chinese New Year is coming. I wish you all a happy Chinese New Year! In order to cooperate with the holidays of factories in mainland China, our company tentatively scheduled the holidays from 30 / 1 / 2022 to 6 / 2 / 2022, and the transportation of incoming and outgoing goods will stop on 29 / 1 / 2022 and will be put into service on 7 / 2 / 2022. If there are customers who would like to import or export goods during this period, please give advance notice to make preparations in advance. Please forgive the inconvenience and thank you for your support!


Wish You Happy Chinese New Year!


Timax Logistics Co., Ltd.